In-house lab dye laboratory.

Automatic lab dispensing unit linked to spectro photometer.

Highest quality standard of colour
(C41 Accredited - Marks & Spencer Standards)

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95% Reproducibility from lab to bulk.

95% Reproducibility from batch to batch to standard.

Capacity of 9 tons per day Highly flexible with batch sizes varying from 75 to 1200 kgs.

New high pressure SMALL LOTS overflow dyeing machines batch sizes varying from 20 to 50 kgs

Semi atmospheric and high pressure computerised soft flow dyeing machinery
(105-130 d Celsius).

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Automatic chemical dispensing to dye machine.

Specialised in piece mercerisation.

Specialised in piece mercerisation of 100% cotton yarn dyed
stripe fabrics.

New yarn dyeing plant with precision pre and post winding

Highly trained and qualified staff.

Highly qualified Italian technicians.

Constant day by day technical support from
Italian based consulting companies.

Constant upgrading of new techniques.