Migra is a privately owned company which generated from a unique group of international companies which are based in Italy. The origins of Migra lie in the combination of dynamic Italian and South African technical and production textile skills.

The objectives of Migra is to offer the national market first world standards in quality and service for commission dyeing and finishing of majority cotton yarn and knitted fabrics.

The Migra Management team consists of a small highly skilled group of Textile Engineers and Technicians. The core technical training and updating of management and staff is undertaken as a result of our exclusive consultancy contracts with Italian world reconized companies.

The market edge which Migra is able to offer both the national and international markets is the delivery of leading edge technology at competitive prices and short lead times. Flexibility of the company is ranked highly by our loyal customer base. Machinery technology is continuously updated with the introduction of production proven techniques and machinery from the overseas. Joint research and development with the international consultants has always played a major role in the development of the local company. The latest Italian fashion trends and designs influence the technical developments that take place at the South African company.