We supply yarn dyeing and finishing according to customer shade orders for a quick turnaround at the highest international standards

Cotton Elastane/Lycra fabrics
Specialized on dyeing and finishing normal fine gauge single jersey knit fabrics with 100% stretch and recovery. Garment end-use varies from sports and action wear to ladies crop tops.

Brushing machinery for two-end fleece suitable for track suiting and sweatshirts. Weights vary from 180grams per sq mtr (6 ounce) up to 250grams (9 ounce).

Fancy Fabrics and Striped Single Jersey
Our yarn dyeing can be used for a variety of mini-jacquard and stripes suitable for ladies underwear, single and double mercerized golf shirts.

Special Finishes
Tailor-made to suit customer production requirements and retailer demands such as for embroidery to avoid stitch-needle damage, anti-curl for small components on high-speed cutting tables, extra-soft handle for sensitive garments, and even fragrance fabrics!

Special traditional single plus double mercerising process offered. This technology enhances the sheer (lustre), brightness of colours and strength of cotton knitted fabrics. This results in superior garment quality and performance for up-market designer and high fashion areas of the market, often used in sports shirts especially for golf.


Commission Dyeing and Finishing of yarns
Our new fully automated Bellini yarn Dyehouse offers state of the art yarn dyeing on virtually each and every fibre and yarn count. Pre and post winding is also available.

Commission Dyeing and Finishing of Knitted fabrics
Range of fully computerized dyeing machines available from 75kg (165lb) up to 1200kg (2640lb), plus smaller sampling machines from 10kg (22lb) both athmosferic and high temperature.

Colour Matching
Lab dye matching of customer samples from our existing library of almost 10 000 shades. We use the latest Italian automatic computerized colour dispensing machine to ensure accurate and cost-effective new colour matches.
C41 Accredited procedures adopted.

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